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We Understand Your Needs because we also DIY

I am not a fan of do-it-yourself (DIY). There is nothing against DIY, but I just don’t get this in my locker. To be on the same page with you, however, I have boldly decided to DIY a new bookshelf myself! After all, I like challenges!

Initially, the exercise is thought to be straightforward. With 13 pieces of wooden boards and 22 screws, my brand new bookshelf should be ready in an hour or so! Well, it first took me half an hour to study the instruction and get familiar with various components – which side of the board is facing upward, and how could it be nicely slotted into another board in the right direction became a rocket science. To me, it just requires a lot of mental gymnastics, which is no easier than filing a trademark.

As a cautious professional, I knew too well how a wrong first step could irrevocably ruin the whole thing, so another half an hour was spent checking the details all over again, without taking real action. I was like in meditation, which should be a funny shot if filmed.

Somehow, I reluctantly began my very first step – connecting the upper and lower sideboards with eight screws. Unfortunately, I could not tighten up one screw (the other seven are fine) despite repeated efforts. I naively paused for an hour in hope that the problem would go away itself, but the revisit disappointedly proved me wrong. It is rather discouraging but too early a time to give up. I tested the screws with different holes but in vain.

I then turned the blame to the quality issue. The help desk did provide some suggestions and tips, but the issue remained. At this juncture, many negatives crossed my mind:- it is now becoming evident that I was so stupid for not being able to DIY a simple bookshelf, but wait, isn’t this result all but too predictable, so why didn’t I spend a little bit more money to buy a readily available bookshelf in the first place. I might have my own moments, but certainly not for DIY.

While I was about to give up and buy another bookshelf, the clever me shamelessly sought help from the technician when another piece of furniture moved in the next day. Within 10 seconds, he magically slotted the screw in, simply by exerting more power! What the FXXX!

End up I spent a whole week completing my bookshelf, with success! When it stood nicely in my room, it would be a lie to say that I am not proud of myself, considering the difficulties and hiccups I “overcame”! Probably you are equally excited when receiving your trademark certificate. We are so happy for and proud of you too!

While DIY a trademark is analogous to DIY a bookshelf, we must pinpoint that a bookshelf is far more DIYable. First, the rules are less in number and fixed in nature, which eradicates a lot of uncertainties. More importantly, it is easier to tell whether the DIY is successful or not, as the bookshelf simply won’t be assembled if you get any single step wrong. Foremost, the bookshelf is an independent object, yet trademark registration is integral to your business, and the consequential damages could be disastrous.

In hindsight, I wish I could have the magical technician standing by for my consultation, making my life much easier. Looking ahead, how about allowing Trasomark to stand beside you during your trademark journey?

We serve as a work spot, in which useful knowledge and invaluable experiences are shared with you. You will always find something useful here during your trademark journey.


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