Trasomark: Everything You Need to Know

Overall Agent Model

Rules mean constraints. Diverse rules across jurisdictions mean that you need to employ different strategies to achieve an optimal outcome. Provided that you engage a competent Overall Agent of your home country (such as a reputable IP law firm), you would probably enjoy the best services because:-

1. Speaking the same language

2. No need to handle communication and payment with each local agent respectively

3. Local agents will likely provide the Overall Agent with a special discount so the middleman cost may not be as high as it first appears

4. Sometimes Overall Agent may provide limited pre-application searches at limited additional cost

5. Overall Agent could consolidate and leverage different local trademark registrations to try to help you achieve commercial objectives

6. Overall Agent is able to identify issues and provide you with solutions that are legally stronger and tailored to exactly what you need

7. Shortened processing time, clarity, and decisive actions are enabled

Needless to say, the overall costs will be higher as middleman costs will be involved. Anyway, better services with higher cost, fair enough!