Trasomark: Everything You Need to Know


3 Little Tricks You Ought to Know Before Designing Your Trademark

Do you still remember how a name was given to your newborn lovely child? Making a long list of possible names only ended with a civilized “war” with your spouse? Equally, thinking up a trading name for your start-up, a new product or service, could well be a “torturing” exercise, where hours are spent for exploring ideas, seeking advice and consensus from partners/ friends, or even fortune-tellers.

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Do I Really Need to Trademark My Business Name?

One of the common hottest issues which hang around in the mind of kick-starters, and which is definitely worth a discussion. For easier illustration, we now presume that you have just set up a LONGCLEAN Company Limited for retailing PICKY branded personal care products. While registering the brand name – PICKY may be a no-brainer, it might puzzle you:

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Shall I conduct a Pre-Application Trademark Search?

At the first glance, to ask “if a pre-application trademark search is necessary” sounds silly enough! One day a man comes with a crystal ball, suggesting to you that the ball can tell if your new juice business will become a red hot hit in 6 months’ time, won’t you be tempted to try this magical ball.

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The Copyrights Subsisted in Trademarks

When you Google “Copyrights” and “Trade Marks”, many articles will tell you: What is copyright? What is a trademark? What are the similarities between trademarks and copyrights? What are the differences between trademarks and copyrights?

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Trademark Classes? Basic but not Simple!

Welcome aboard to the DIY trademark registration journey. As a newcomer, you need to learn quickly from your internet surfing, and “trademark classes” would definitely be the first keywords encountered. The below questions would then probably follow:

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Trademark opposition period: Yet to Relax!

As you begin reading this article, we would like to take a moment to say congratulations to you as your trademark application has now reached the crucial stage of 3-month opposition period of the trademark (Brazil and Macau are exceptions (See I Can Teach You 7 Steps So You Can DIY Trademark Registration).

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