Trasomark: Everything You Need to Know

DIY Model

Let us make a guess. When you initiate a global trademark application campaign, the DIY and self-application idea may easily come up in your mind? We agree that it makes sense for quick learners like you as knowledge and information are nowadays shared quickly everywhere. While it is always easy to learn the basics, internet surfing may first boost your confidence until you read too much information and become confused…

Filing trademark applications globally is not as straight-forward as it first appears because:-

1. Language issues

2. Most jurisdictions require a local corresponding address

3. Diverse rules across different jurisdictions

4. Change of practices and laws from time to time

5. International registration vs Country-by-Country registration

In practice, it is almost impossible not to engage local agents to assist in filing trademark applications on a global scale. The next issue is, where can you find trademark expertise like Trasomark in every single jurisdiction?

Internet is not a solution to everything. We do not observe that top-tier law firms spend tremendous efforts on internet promotion, probably because they are too busy for their international clients.

This is not the whole story yet. The more trademark applications you are dealing with, the more hands-on works you will be responsible for taking care of ALL by yourselves! Not to mention the complexities you may encounter when multiple jurisdictions are involved. These are all the possible difficulties and problems with self-application for a trademark that you should not ignore.

You may then explore the Overall Agent Model.