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Hats off to you! Since you are now looking for information about trademark registration worldwide costs, you are probably a brave adventurer and fighter seeking for expansion of your business in a global scale, and we are full of admiration for you! While common sense may dictate that worldwide trademark registration costs could be very substantial, you could still ponder how much does it cost to register a trademark worldwide actually. 

It is not straightforward to estimate the worldwide trademark costs, however. As you can imagine, each jurisdiction has its own set of rules and official fees for filing a trademark application at different stages, and the service fees of the trademark agents could vary significantly subject to their expertise, experience and pricing strategies. Coupled with the fluctuation of exchange rates, all these make estimating trademark registration worldwide cost a more difficult task than it first appears.

Having said that, if you are ready to go for a global trademark filing campaign, it is always good to have quick ballpark figures for your trademark registration worldwide costs for early-stage planning. As such, you may refer to our following table for a general picture of the range of fees (inclusive of official fees and agency fees) for filing a trademark application for one mark in major jurisdictions. Summing up the costs of individual jurisdictions will become your worldwide trademark registration costs of filing one trademark in one class.

Gentle Reminders for Worldwide Trademark Costs

  • The below worldwide trademark costs were prepared in late 2021, subject to inflation and increasingly fluctuating exchange rates.

  • In some jurisdictions, notarization and/or legalization is required, and such costs could be material for middle-east countries. Please reserve extra budget as they are excluded from the below trademark registration worldwide cost.

  • The below worldwide trademark costs only assume filing one trademark in one class. In some jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, the official fees for second class onward will be substantively reduced. Moreover, if you file more trademarks in more classes, they may offer you an exceptional bargain. The world trademark registration cost is not a simple mathematics question. Always seek a precise quotation from your agents when you formalize your ideas.

  • How much it costs to register a trademark worldwide is always a matter of concern, but service quality should remain your top prioritized factor when choosing an agent. 

  • While you can always search on the internet to try to find out the local agents most suitable to you, you are highly recommended to engage Trasomark or Overall Agent to help you complete the worldwide trademark filing campaign in a professional manner. We have explained the various models and the advantages of the Trasomark Model in Trasomark Model and Your Trademark Journey Could Still Go Very Wrong, Even with an Agent! (Part I). To be precise, please note that you will need to reserve an extra budget for the middlemen costs, which is not included in the below worldwide trademark costs.

Every jurisdiction has its own fees for filing a trademark application, and so do the trademark agents subject to their expertise and experience. It makes estimating the costs for filing trademark applications globally more difficult than expected.

Suppose you are ready for self-application for a trade mark and would like to estimate a cursory budget for your global trademark application campaign. In that case, you may refer to the following table to get a general understanding of the range of fees (inclusive of official fees and agency fees) for filing a trademark application for one mark in major jurisdictions:

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