Trasomark: Everything You Need to Know


  • Consolidating and/or reviewing your existing trademark portfolio
  • Providing basic pre-application strategic planning for your global trademark application campaign
  • Recommending local trademark agents for you
  • Screening of the engagement of your chosen local trademark agents
  • Being copied on an email chain with your trademark agents to obtain updates asap as well as to monitor the work quality of local agents
  • Providing top-level advice and/or raising suitable questions to local agents when complexities encountered
  • Reminding you of renewal of registration

No, not really. We are sorry to tell you that we are not an Overall Agent, you still need to take your part.

You are responsible for:

  • Locating local trademark agents

  • Obtaining quotations from local trademark agents

  • Attending communication with and instruction to local trademark agents

  • Attending checking of local agents’ invoices and attending international wire transfer to pay the local trademark agents

  • Checking and proof-reading all clerical and careless mistakes of all paper works (dates, figures, duplication, or missing items)

BUT We are your watchdog who helps you make sure things will not go wrong!

Yes, indeed.

Trasomark Model is attractive, isn’t it? While you are considering engaging Trasomark, we are obligated to advise you upfront that you will first need to appoint personnel or a team within your organization as a contact point with Trasomark and local agents, who must:

  • Be meticulous and capable of handling paper works and fee notes properly

  • Attain sufficient English proficiency and communicate well with Trasomark and different local agents worldwide

  • Be able to deal with figures properly as they will handle payment to and bargain with agents directly

If you do not have such a meticulous colleague who is good both at English and figures, we advise you to engage an Overall Agent. We can recommend one for you. Let us know if you need our referral for a good trademark agent.

Unfortunately, we only offer a 1-year-subscription. But, heyyy, VALUE FOR MONEY!

Since applying/maintaining a trademark/trademarks is a rather long-term process, we only provide annual services to do our best to protect your valuable trademarks.

Meanwhile, the cost for subscribing to Trasomark is just as low as US$698.00/year (US$1.91/day) to get a full-year professional service whenever you need them!

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