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How to File a Trademark Application – Create Your Own Superhero®

Trademark Superhero ®

A registered trademark ®is like a superhero emblem for your business. It’s a rather unique symbol, word, design or phrase that can effectively distinguishes your goods and services from all other competitors in the market and in turn helps protect your brand’s reputation.


Try to imagine that the registered trademark ® as your business’s handsome ambassador, allowing customers to easily recognize and remember you. More than that, a registered logo is also like a superhero ®, which has the magic power to fight off imposters and protect your brand from being copied. When registering your trademark logo in the jurisdiction(s) of your business located or your targeted market area, you are granting it official legal protection and the “monopoly rights” to use it and prevent others from exploiting it without your permission in such jurisdiction(s). So, choose your own trademark carefully and let it be the shining beacon of your business’s success! Don’t over worry about the cost for the trademark application! Follow us and we will tell you how much cost for trademark registration and the trademark application process to register your logo! Furthermore, we will briefly introduce the trademark application processes, along with a brief concept about the importance of a preliminary research of trademark search and the copyright of a logo.


How much cost for trademark registration of your Superhero®

We understand that the production and registration costs of a Trademark Superhero would be the first thing which sprung into your mind, no matter how powerful your Superhero is. To make it simple for you, Trasomark has analyzed the cost structure of the trademark application in Four Tips for spending Global Trademark Registration Costs wisely! and to initiate some ideas to make your Superhero stronger by lesser costs.  Moreover, if you are wondering how much cost for trademark registration for your Trademark Superhero worldwide, you could also find the trademark registration worldwide costs in General Trademark Application Fees which helpfully set out the estimated costs of registration in different jurisdictions. Considering trademark protection generally lasts for 10 years, you will find that it is worth to register your trademark in a fairly low cost but to protect your business and the value of your trademark.


Let’s build your Trademark Superhero® with Trasomark step by step!

Trasomark is here as the consultant of S.H.I.E.L.D in assisting you to build up your unparalleled superhero ® for your business! As a diligent consultant, we will provide everything you will need to know for your trademark journey and you will find our annual fees (please also see our Trial Discount) is just a piece of cake to register your own trademark.


Step 1: Characteristics of your Trademark Superhero®

Every superhero also has his special charisma and characters for people to remember and so do you. To make yours be the most unique superhero of all, one of the most efficient ways is to ask a designer to help you create a logo with special design features that may link to your business. Please also study Absolute Grounds for Refusal of Registration of Trademark.

*Warning* Trasomark discovers a hidden threat! There is a villain trying to steal your superhero logo from you by owning the copyright of logo!!

S.H.I.E.L.D Tips!! The designer automatically owns the copyright to their work. You are not the owner of the copyright of your superhero logo!

The Copyright subsisted in your Trademark Superhero ®

Surprisingly, only few people notice the differences between the rights of trademark and copyright of logo. From here “The Copyrights Subsisted in Your Trademark”, you will understand what is copyright and why acquiring the copyright of your superhero logo from the designer is so important in your DIY trademark registration journey!

!Crisis averted! Never forget to sign an assignment agreement of full copyright ownership of your superhero logo if you engage a designer for the creation of your registered logo.

Step 2: Conducting a Trademark Search

Now let’s get back to the characteristics of your Trademark Superhero ®. Even your Superhero trademark is designed by professional designer, it does not mean it is 100% unique and registerable. Our professional agents at Trasomark could help you to detect and find out is there any registered Superhero in your area is similar or identical to yours by conducting a trademark search. As advised in Shall I conduct a Pre-Application Trademark Search?, a comprehensive trademark search could effectively help you reduce the risks of potential legal challenges and costly disputes down the road.

Step 3: Trademark Application Process

Once you have conducted a trademark search leading to your belief that your Trademark Superhero should be registrable, you can kick off the trademark application for your Superhero and your Superhero logo to protect your business from other villains. The process of building up a superhero may seem complex, but by consulting a checklist New to Trademark? and following the steps in I Can Teach You 7 Steps So You Can DIY Trademark Registration, you will understand how to file a trademark application easily. If you still have any question on how to file a trademark application, please feel free to contact the professional Trasomark for consultation! Good Luck on your Trademark Superhero journey!

If there is no opposition from any third parties nor substantive issues from the Registry incur, it usually takes around 12 to 18 months to receive the certificate from the Registry. You Rock!!! You will officially own a Trademark Superhero ® as a SHIELD for your business against the copycats!

Here are some tips for trademark registrations from S.H.I.E.L.D consultants:-

1. The costs for trademark registration vary across countries.

2. The trademark application process in different countries is generally similar, but the time it takes to register logo can differ significantly. Please be aware that some countries like Indonesia will take much more than a year. Please keep this in mind.

3. Conduct a trademark search before you kick off the trademark application.

4. It is important not to forget to copyright a logo.

5. If you need professional advice on how to file a trademark application for your Superhero ®, Trasomark is available to assist you.

Stay with Trasomark. Build your Superhero!

We serve as a work spot, in which useful knowledge and invaluable experiences are shared with you. You will always find something useful here during your trademark journey.


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