Trasomark: Everything You Need to Know


Customize Your Trademark Application Strategy

Trademark, as the legal basis of a brand, fundamentally serves the purpose of distinguishing the origin of goods/services. Therefore, the trademark to be applied cannot be identical or similar to prior trademarks owned by others. In recent years, China has consistently had the highest number of trademarks registered globally.

China’s Trademark Wars Are Raging

There are four jurisdictions in China, Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan, which are subject to different legal systems, including trademark law. Therefore, to obtain trademark protection in these four jurisdictions, it is necessary to apply for trademark registration separately.

Trademark opposition period: Yet to Relax!

As you begin reading this article, we would like to take a moment to say congratulations to you as your trademark application has now reached the crucial stage of 3-month opposition period of the trademark (Brazil and Macau are exceptions (See I Can Teach You 7 Steps So You Can DIY Trademark Registration).

Do I Really Need to Trademark My Business Name?

One of the common hottest issues which hang around in the mind of kick-starters, and which is definitely worth a discussion. For easier illustration, we now presume that you have just set up a LONGCLEAN Company Limited for retailing PICKY branded personal care products. While registering the brand name – PICKY may be a no-brainer, it might puzzle you:

Shall I conduct a Pre-Application Trademark Search?

At the first glance, to ask “if a pre-application trademark search is necessary” sounds silly enough! One day a man comes with a crystal ball, suggesting to you that the ball can tell if your new juice business will become a red hot hit in 6 months’ time, won’t you be tempted to try this magical ball.

3 Little Tricks You Ought to Know Before Designing Your Trademark

Do you still remember how a name was given to your newborn lovely child? Making a long list of possible names only ended with a civilized “war” with your spouse? Equally, thinking up a trading name for your start-up, a new product or service, could well be a “torturing” exercise, where hours are spent for exploring ideas, seeking advice and consensus from partners/ friends, or even fortune-tellers.